About Terra Breads

What we bake with

We hand-select each ingredient for its delicious, naturally perfect flavour.

We treat time as an ingredient. We use it liberally.

We cherish the time-honoured, traditional methods of baking.

We believe great baking is a warmth that continues to spread long after it cools.

From day one in 1993, we’ve made bread using the best, carefully selected, sustainable and non-GMO ingredients with a healthy obsession for perfection. We bake in stone hearth ovens and use French linen proofing cloth. Loaves are scored by hand with their signature mark. In fact, we can tell which baker scored each loaf as it’s a little like signing their work.

Most importantly, our sourdough starter links the loaves we make today with the ones we made decades ago. The essence of our breads — their very flavour — is carried through that link.

Loaves are still mixed, shaped and assessed with the touch of experienced bakers’ hands. It’s the only way we’ve ever done it. And it’s the only way we know how.


Traditional method baking.

Fermentation is the oldest and original way to leaven bread; a traditional method passed down from baker to baker for thousands of years. Thanks to modern food science, we now understand that fermentation actually enhances the nutritional value of foods and makes them easier to digest. It takes a little longer — up to three days per loaf — but it makes bread of exceptional flavour, texture, and nutritional value that you can’t create any other way. For loaves like these, we’ll wait as long as it takes.



We support charitable organizations and social initiatives actively working with people in need of food, movement education for all ages, including youth, and sustainability in food and agriculture.


We’re proud to work with the following organizations.

Chefs Table Society of BC
Farm Folk City Folk
Les Dames d’Escoffier
Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC
Spacial Dynamics Institute
Edible Garden Project
First United Church
Growing Chefs
Project Chef
The Dugout Drop-In Society

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